I’m Rose. Mother. Gardener. Artist. DIY enthusiast. Mountain Girl. Salt Lake dweller. Photographer.

I was “that child” who hid under the table and refused to come out for family pictures, no matter what I was bribed or threatened with. I have one too! I can empathize! Funny thing, I didn’t mind getting my picture taken when I could choose what I was doing. My child is the same way.

I have been an artist for decades. I began learning photography as a teen. I fell in love with black and white long ago. It is a powerful storytelling medium.

I have six energetic children with wildly different personalities. I studied human development in college. I grew up with siblings with developmental/behavioral disorders including autism and ADHD. I’m no miracle worker, but I am understanding of the many differences in personality and behavior of children.

I approach photographing children in a different way than they are used to. I don’t ask them to “say cheese!” I simply take photos of them doing what they already love to do. I love to capture the natural, honest moments. Those are the moments that I, as a parent, want to remember more than anything else about their childhood.

Let me document your loved ones being themselves and doing what they love.

Email me at clcportraits@gmail.com to book your custom lifestyle photography session.