Play Hard

My husband loves to travel. I’m a stick in the mud when it comes to traveling. I love being home! Traveling is a lot of work on my end, you mom’s know what I’m talking about.   I love hiking. I love photography. I love plants. I love my husband. Turns out, hiking everyday in… Read More

Board Games

This sweet family was a joy to photograph. I spent the afternoon watching S and Dad play a serious game of chess, while Mom and J played a lighthearted homemade game with Miss A. It was kid made, changing rules and all. J began the session hiding behind the sofa, he warmed up to me.… Read More

Unicorns and Superheroes

I spent the morning watching Miss A and J Man playing with everything from Legos to makeup and unicorn horns. The highlight was lining superheroes up on the window ledge and shooting them with nerf guns (mostly point blank). Mr. R woke up from his nap and jumped right in. The fun ended on a… Read More