Let the Children Play

In Home Play session

The idea is simple: Let the children do what they do best. The session is centered around and activity. Children should choose their favorite things to play with or activities to do. I stay out of the way as much as possible while they are doing their thing. Parents should be in the room, but not hands on. Take a little break from trying to get them to hold still and smile. Kids don’t usually need coaching or coaxing to play.

You will want a clean home so your portraits are uncluttered. Perfection isn’t necessary. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you, I have a house with children too.

Your child should wear clothes that are comfortable and reflect their personality.


…like star shorts and a hooded monster vest

Field Trips

Let me come with you on an outing to the park, library, a nearby canyon or other public place.  Choose a place that is meaningful to you, or that you frequent.

As for clothing, have them wear clothes that fit their unique personality. Consider the colors you would find at the location of your choice. I am happy to help identify what colors to look for.

If the location of your choice requires a photography permit, you will be responsible to pay the additional fee.


Since your child has say in what goes on, these sessions have a relaxed feel.

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